Like all vital non-profit corporations, FOLCS was born out of a need. In the early days of the Internet, with print publications shedding subscribers, TV news losing ground to cyber and social media, and cable talk shows growing coarser and more partisan, intelligent, entertaining and live conversations with artists and opinion makers was disappearing from the cultural landscape. Suddenly inseparable from computer screens and smart phones, for many people the option, and the impulse, of venturing outside to a new public square, to hear the important ideas of the day delivered in an entertaining and welcoming forum atmosphere, had become increasingly scarce.

Enter the Forum on Life, Culture & Society (FOLCS). We make ideas and conversation entertaining and smart. Our Conversations and Event Series are reminiscent of New York culture as it once was: active, alive, participatory, communal, edgy, and super smart. And that’s why we are able to draw such culturally relevant and formidable guests to our stage. They, too, know, that FOLCS provides a unique and enriching experience for our staged guests and audience–one that is symbiotic and captivating. When Kristen Stewart walked off our stage, she said, “Hey, thanks so much: I never get to do anything like that.”

Join us and see what she means.

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FOLCS provides an unmatched perspective on the law, politics, and culture in a lively, witty, and urbane setting. Our events represent New York culture at its finest, reminiscent of a bygone era of intelligent and entertaining talk, with a live audience eager to laugh and debate, discuss art and dissect the big ideas of our day. By becoming a member, you will join our cultural community, help support our plans for future programs and receive great benefits, too!