A Conversation With Rep. Steve Israel and Chris Buckley

Political satire has always been an important element of the democratic process in our country. For decades, political satirists have channeled dissent, parodied politicians, mocked intellectuals, and even the readers. Satire can propose uncomfortable topics, shake up rigid beliefs, and make us more responsive to alternatives. FOLCS audiences joined us with Steve Israel, the congressman-turned-novelist who is known to “channel his inner


As the public’s fascination with the law and judicial process increases so does the curiosity to study those legal films thought to exhibit the quintessential trials and tribulations of the legal profession. The ABA Journal satisfied this curiosity, in 2008, when it published its top 25 greatest law films ever made. The Forum on Law

One Response to “How and When to Cross-dress While Studying the Law”

Benjamin Pred says: I agree with the author that Rosenbaum’s review misses the mark, but for somewhat different reasons (see here: http://www.forumonlawcultureandsociety.org/blog/2011/02/09/true-grit-review/#comments at comment #2). The enduring lesson of True Grit is that vengeance comes at a price. Maddie, the film’s heroine, loses an arm, grows up into a spiteful adult, and indirectly causes several


The Parker Spitzer show has posted weak numbers since the show’s start in October 2010. While CNN hoped the numbers would improve, the Parker Spitzer show is only averaging 468,000 viewers. At the same 8 PM time slot that Parker Spitzer airs, Fox News is averaging 2.6 millions viewers and MSNBC is averaging 874,000 viewers.