Event Series

Our events stand at the intersection of culture, ethics, politics, and the law, encouraging discussion about the way these matters influence society and the artistic imagination. We aim to bring people into a thoughtful setting where human rights and social justice issues come to life, through several different types of formats.

Our Conversations feature public intellectuals, artists, government leaders, and writers who come together in dialogue over timely cultural and political issues. With a more narrow focus on law, Trials & Error provides intimate conversations on important trials that have captured the public’s attention, while Law of the Land dissects the Supreme Court’s major rulings of the past year. Our two film-oriented categories, the Film Series and our widely-beloved International Short Film Competition, both use film as a powerful and expressive way to explore current events and the cultural climate of our time. One of our newest projects, Theater of Law, is a dramatic reading of an ancient Greek tragedy, performed by a rotating cast of stellar actors, which features the first trial by jury in western culture–the murder trial of Orestes in Aeschylus’ Eumenides–followed by a discussion with the audience about the origins of justice, the end of blood vengeance, and the adoption of the rule of law.