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The Parker Spitzer show has posted weak numbers since the show’s start in October 2010. While CNN hoped the numbers would improve, the Parker Spitzer show is only averaging 468,000 viewers. At the same 8 PM time slot that Parker Spitzer airs, Fox News is averaging 2.6 millions viewers and MSNBC is averaging 874,000 viewers.…
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Last night I saw a film called Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a futuristic con man who breaks into peoples’ minds via their dreams, tricking them into revealing their secrets and forfeiting their own ideas. Working on a freelance basis, he makes his living stealing the intellectual property of various people of importance and then selling it to others. The…
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Fordham Law’s Unique Film Forum Boasts a Cast of Stars—and Faces an Uncertain Future

On a Sunday afternoon in October in New York City, a crowd is filing into the McNally Amphitheatre at Fordham University’s law school. There’s the expected assortment of law students and attorneys in attendance. But the 500 or so people in line also include media executives, retirees, 20-something computer programmers and—most strikingly—three women dressed in…
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First, I asked my girlfriend to see True Grit with me. “No.” she replied, and there wasn’t any more discussion about it. Her tone had implied “you should know better”. So I went to my roommate. “Definitely!” he answered, “let me just call my girlfriend and ask her if she wants to go.” “No, no,…
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A Conversation with Alec Baldwin

Award-winning actor of films, theater, and television (most recently, an Emmy for 30 Rock), political activist, and author/blogger Alec Baldwin has not only entertained audiences throughout his career, but also made them think. Before becoming an actor, he considered law school, which may account for his convincing portrayal of lawyers in such films as Ghosts…
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Response to “Slippery Slope”

I’m the “someone” who suggested that constitutionally questionable laws that address primal fears and reactive tendencies (which Mr. Werblowsky inaccurately describes as “morals”), while legally well-intentioned and emotionally intoxicating, have no place in a society that sets (or purports to, at least) its legal principles according to constitutional prescriptions, and then, seeks to carefully mold…
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Eli Stone: Eli Makes Junior Partner

So this isn’t the way I pictured Eli Stone getting “rid” of his brain aneurysm but that’s why someone else gets paid to write the show while I just watch it. Religiously. This past week’s show (April 17) begins with everyone at Stone’s law office treating him gingerly. Being that he’s about to get a…
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The Law Reporters: Our conversation with Jan Crawford Greenburg, Adam Liptak, Dahlia Lithwick and Jack Ford

Our conversation on April 9th at the Time Warner Center offered yet another stimulating and fun evening at the Forum.  Here are some highlights: We learned, in advance of the public announcement, that Adam Liptak will soon be taking on Linda Greenhouse’s position as the Supreme Court correspondent for the New York Times. There was…
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Eli Stone: Matters of the Heart

San Francisco lawyer Eli Stone has a brain aneurysm. The malady has left him with an “annoying” side effect: a few times a day, he’s struck with prophet-like visions or wacky daydreams, depending on how Stone feels like classifying them that day. For better or for worse, these visions give him an idea of what…
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Triple Homicide: Presentation and Signing with Novelist and Legendary District Attorney Charles J. Hynes

Location: Fordham Law School, 140 West 62nd Street, Room 430 B/C between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, New York @ 8:00 p.m. Cost: Free, Open to Public Seating for this special event is limited.